How to Prevent Users from Changing Password in Windows 10

Windows offers many security features such as login password, minimum and maximum password age etc. which are essential for any operating system. The main problem comes when a PC with a single administrator account manages a lot of user accounts. A minimum password age prevents users from changing password too frequently as it can lead

How to Reset Your Password in Windows 10

We all have been there when we have forgotten the Windows 10 login password but do you know that there are many ways to reset your password in Windows 10? Anyway, today we are going to discuss different ways via which you can reset your password without resetting your PC which deletes all the personal

How to Schedule Windows 10 Automatic Shutdown

If you’re downloading a large file from the Internet or installing a program that’s going to take hours, then you probably want to schedule automatic shutdown because you probably won’t sit that long just to shut down your PC manually. Well, you can schedule Windows 10 to shut down automatically at the time which you

How to View User Account Details in Windows 10

If you are on a Windows 10 PC, you might want to get some information about your user account or other accounts on your PC such as full name, account type etc. So in this tutorial, we will show you how to get all the information about your user account or details of all the

Limit the Number of Failed Login Attempts in Windows 10

Limit the Number of Failed Login Attempts in Windows 10: If you have set a password on the lock screen of Windows 10 to prevent unauthorized users from accessing your system then chances are your PC still might be vulnerable to attackers as they can use brute force to crack your password. To prevent this from

Remove Send a Smile button from Internet Explorer

There are various features in Windows10 provided by Microsoft which don’t have a proper explanation or functions, similarly Send a Smile or Send a frown is a feature in Internet Explorer which makes no sense. Send a smile is a feedback button which users can use to send feedback about Internet Explorer issues. Still, unless

Rename User Profile Folder in Windows 10

A user profile is a place where Windows 10 stores a collection of settings and preferences, making a user account the way it looks for that particular account. All these settings and preferences are stored in a folder called User Profile folder located in C:\Users\User_name. It contains all the settings for screensavers, desktop background, sound

Set Default User Logon Picture for all Users in Windows 10

By default, Windows assign a default user avatar for every user account which is an image with a grey background and white curves. If you have too many user accounts, then changing the account picture for every account is a tiring process; instead, you could set default User Logon Picture for all users in Windows

Shut Down Windows 10 without installing updates

With the earlier version of Windows, it was possible to delay Windows update or shut down the PC without installing updates. However, with the introduction of Windows 10, Microsoft has made this task nearly impossible but don’t worry, we still have found a way to shut down Windows 10 without installing updates. The problem is

Unable to empty Recycle Bin after Windows 10 Creators Update

Unable to empty Recycle Bin after Windows 10 Creators Update: Once you install Windows 10 Creators Update on your system you have to go through a variety of issues within Windows such as No Sound, No Internet Connectivity, Brightness issues etc and one such issue which we are going to discuss is that users are Unable